Wicked Pictures and writer/director Brad Armstrong present the sequel to one of the greatest adult movies in history with Fallen II: Angels and Demons. It has been 10 years since Angel and Keith’s (jessica drake and Brad Armstrong) lives were changed forever. Since then they have been wondering around aimless, submitting to their basic desires and killing in the name of righteousness. This all changes when they come across a young woman named Max (Leigh Raven) who needs saving and next thing the three of them know they are stuck in the middle of a battle between Heaven and Hell. Find out what awaits them in Fallen II: Angels and Demons.

Scene 1: Jessica drake, Casey Calvert, Luna Star, Derrick Pierce, Eric Masterson and Ryan Driller

After the opening credits we find jessica in bed as a voiceover talks about her charge Denise (Jenna Haze) dying 10 years earlier and how it still haunts her and how she and Brad are tired of existing in whatever way they are at the moment, somewhere between the living in the dead.

We then see her living it up as she stands up in a limo, which also has Casey Calvert in it. As it turns out she is with her because Casey prefers dulling her pain with sex and debauchery. The limo then drops them off at a sex club of sorts where she, Casey, Luna, Derrick, Erik and Ryan all split off to do their own thing.

The action heats up pretty quickly as in no time at all the ladies are undressing and pairing off with the guys. Now because of all the bodies here I’m not even going to attempt to explain the action here. One thing I did like in particular was that everyone stayed close to each other which allowed for a lot of swapping and not a lot of camera movement. There is some anal and jessica even does an airtight toward the end of the scene. A pretty amazing way to start off a movie if I may say so.

Scene 2: jessica drake, Misty Stone and Isiah Maxwell

After she is finished Brad picks her up and they are headed back they come across Max (Leigh Raven) while she is being threatened by her pimp. They dispatch of him quickly and after a quick conversation Brad takes her away while jessica stays behind,

She is soon joined by winged angels Misty and Isiah. They tell her that the big guy wants her back in the fold and to give her back her wings and powers. They continue to talk some more and the next thing you know the three of them are making out. They all grind on each other for a while before Misty drops down to lick jessica for a bit before the both share Isiah’s member. Once that is done though jessica gets bent over in standing doggie. Misty then has some more fun going down on her before Isiah comes in to slide into Missy in missionary. jessica gets her own turn in missionary after this as they finish off with Isiah coming into her mouth, which she then shares with Misty, This scene isn’t as varied as the last scene but I figure that’s because of the limitations caused by the angel wings. Other than that the scene is still intense and animalistic, which I enjoy.

Scene 3: August Taylor, Jenevieve Hexxx and Brad Armstrong

Brad and jessica allow Leigh to stay the night and the next morning she and Brad have a conversation about the night before. Brad then heads out for the day; while he’s out he comes across who he thinks is a homeless man (Tommy Pistol) but who is actually a demon who needs to talk with him about Leigh. Brad tries to blow him off but he shows up again as he tries to bribe him with a trade. Tommy can’t persuade him though so the ladies are forced to do it themselves as they take him away.

They take him to some warehouse looking place as they kiss and grind on him for a while before they give him a BJ together. First up for sex is Jenevieve as she leans back for missionary. August then has her turn in missionary as Jenevieve plays with her a bit as well. Doggie with Jenevieve is then the final position before they share his load. Considering the setup for the scene I figured thinks might get more crazy here but nothing of the sort here but that is OK. I would have liked to have seen more interaction between the ladies though.

Scene 4: Leigh Raven, Cody Steele, Seth Gamble and John Strong

Back at the apartment, as jessica is about to leave, she tells Leigh to not open the door for anyone. Turns out that jessica is going to a funeral and is approached by Misty and Isiah again. They inform her that, like Tommy, they are there for Leigh. She is defensive because they tell her she needs to hand her over to get her wings back and storms off after their chat.

Later that day jessica and Brad talk about what has been happening and are soon joined by Leigh, who they decide to tell her about all these people looking for her. The two ladies then have their own discussion as jessica reassures her that they will protect her.
What happens next I assume is a fantasy sequence, or more of a nightmare sequence based on the ending, as Leigh is surrounded by a group of male angels. It starts off with her sucking and tugging on them and eventually leads to her on all fours while John takes her from behind, From there she hops on someone in reverse cowgirl ,missionary and DP but I didn’t get a good enough look to see who the male talent is in those cases. Doesn’t really matter though because she continues to play with everyone throughout the whole scene until they all cum in her mouth. There was a large spotlight going across the screen throughout and that’s why I had some difficulty recognizing who was who so I apologize for that but overall the sequence really works well.

Scene 5: Leigh Raven and Brad Armstrong

After she bolts out of sleep Brad comes down and they have a quick talk about the dream and that Leigh senses that Brad really wants to fuck her. It doesn’t take long after this and Leigh is leaned back against the bed as Brad eats her out. Leigh then strips down some more and sucks Brad off a bit before he goes back to eating her out a bit which leads to doggie action. Missionary is the next position up as Leigh moans and talks dirty before Brad slides inside her ass in the same position. Piledriver anal is the final position as Leigh continues her dirty talk before Brad pulls out and cums on her face. Leigh and Brad have a lot of chemistry here. Leigh, on a side note, looks incredibly hot with her shaved head look as well. Not many women can pull that off but along with her tattoos and disarming smile it just all works,

Scene 6: jessica drake and Tommy Pistol

After they are finished Tommy shows up and after throwing Brad against the wall he proceeds to feel up Leigh and reveal that she is pregnant with the future king and that Brad is actually just a spirit without a body, He then bolts up in bed making it clear the recent events were just a dream.

Brad then leaves again and jessica goes down to check on Leigh and reveals to her that she is pregnant as she heads off to meet with Tommy. She confronts him and wants to know what he wants with Leigh and he reveals that she is carrying the Messiah.

The pair talks a bit more and eventually they start to engage in some foreplay. After said foreplay jessica starts with a nice BJ, even getting a bit rough at times by slapping his dick before climbing on top of him in cowgirl. From there they move to missionary. After an extended stay in missionary Tommy eventually pulls out as jessica coos and moans and pops on her chest, after which she cleans his shaft with her mouth, Kind of a subdued but intense scene. Tommy and jessica make a lot of eye contact throughout which is very sexy to me but I am surprised that anal wasn’t part of this scene.

Now I don’t want to spoil the ending here so I’m not going to. There are few plot twists, including a couple major ones and a very special cameo appearance and one additional sex scenes. I will say though that it is definitely worth it to watch all of the way to the end.
Special Features:

At the time of publication I have not received a physical copy of the movie so when I do I will talk about any cool extras that I come across. I do know that a copy of the first Fallen is included though so for any of you who haven’t seen the first one here is your chance.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

As many people know, one of the major issues facing porn today is the proliferation of free and pirated porn. The solution is to strive to make porn people are willing and glad to pay for and Fallen II is exactly the kind of movie that can do that. With a few rather minor issues this movie doesn’t miss a beat. The story flows along naturally and at a good pace and the religious angle will keep you interested without being preachy, The acting, especially from jessica, Tommy and Leigh are must see and I predict nominees as likely for all three. This is the kind of movie that only comes along every few years that has the potential to bridge a gap between porn and mainstream so it should be no surprise that I give Fallen II: Angels and Demons a 5 out of 5.


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