Paris, France – Thursday, July 26th, 2018. iStripper has named Alba da Silva “iStripper Talent of the Month” for August 2018.

We are very happy to announce that Alba da Silva has been named « Istripper Talent of the Month for August 2018 !

Alba comes from Barcelona, Spain, where she was born 24 years ago.
Her qualities are infinite! Not only is she an unbelievable performer, posing so well, teasing the camera with her sparkling eyes, puckering her hips so sensually… but she’s also a very nice person, patient, attentive, delicate, smiley… A delight that every producer should experience !

We have offcoursse selected, some great pictures of alba for your viewing pleasure.

Each month, iStripper selects their Talent of the Month based on her beauty of course, the quality of her performance as a stripper, the rate she got from our members, the number of times she’s been purchased, how long she stays in our top 20, etc.

And in case of a tie, we ask the shooting crew to choose the girl who has left them with the most unforgettable memories!


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