Great sites require great images, tools and stuff the Average webmaster should know about. Here are some great tools We found on the internet for you.


We have all seen those ‘great’ logomakers with flaming, glowing, clipart you know these types of logo’s that were popular when you were in high school.

thanks to LOGOTYPE Maker, these days are over. Now it is time for great moden day looking Web2.0 type of logo’s; According to us and others one of the best webbased logo makers around.

Have a look, and even better try it:

A other tool that we can really appreciate is Mozilla’s Popcornmaker.


Popcorn Web Maker is a Great tool made by Mozilla. This entirely web-based app allows you to put your creative touch on existing videos already hosted on the web. For instance, simply drag / drop a YouTube video link in the Popcorn Maker and begin effortlessly remixing it. You have a editing tool, completely real-time, from within your browser.With Popcorn Maker, you can also create:

  • Animated images (GIFs) with sound
  • Dynamic videos with no shortage of links
  • Video profiles



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