Crave Media Releases ‘Cheating with the Babysitter’


Four Gorgeous Teens Take Their Caretaking Duties to Heart in Studio’s Newest DVD Release

CHATSWORTH, CA (October 23, 2018) — Crave Media releases “Cheating with the Babysitter.” Four precocious teens take their babysitting duties to another level in the studio’s newest taboo fantasy release.

“Crave Media takes the traditional young girl / older man genre and revitalizes the age-old fantasy of making it with the babysitter,” says Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “These scenes are not only beautifully shot, the chemistry between these sexy European ingenues and the men who have hired them for caretaking are intense! Retailers, make sure you stock this title right away – it’s a sure winner.”

The DVD description reads, “Peter has a date until Martini answers his phone and curses the girl out; luckily for Peter, Martini is eager to perform services other than babysitting. Molly is the babysitter who is happy to help her employer dress for work, since his arm is in a sling, but once she sees the bulge in his pants, she decides to help him do something else. Jill sees that the man of the house is suffering because his wife is an alcoholic, and decides she knows just how to alleviate his stress. Katya is babysitting for her professor, and finds the answers to a test in a cabinet; he catches Katya copying the answers, who promises to do anything to avoid being punished.”

“Cheating with the Babysitter” stars Martini Blows, Jill Kennedy, and Katya Rodriguez, in addition to cover model Molly Mae.


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