(Montreal, Canada) April 27, 2016 – Live video chat site creator 2much.net has released a new, free version of their live streaming webcam software for chat models only.

Meant for solo models with their own sites, Miricam allows models to interact with and engage their members in live video chat on their own websites, accept unlimited tips, and charge their members and fans any amount they want per-minute for private and semi-private shows.

“Live video chat is a fantastic way to retain members and subscribers too,” says Jay Beckman of 2Much. “Personal interaction with their favorite Internet personalities really keeps people glued to your website. Miricam is a great retention tool”.

Models get full access to the gamut of statistics about their chat sessions. They can see who logged in and when, how much sales were earned each day, month and year. And unlike some other chat service providers, chat models own all of this data when using Miricam.

A model may chat with multiple users at once in free, or groups of individually paying customers in “Group” or just one-on-one clients in VIP.

“And don’t forget the one-on-one 2-way chat,” says Berkman. “It’s actually a thing some of the kinkier models adore.”

And there are more ways to make money with Miricam:

“Chat models can opt-in to display advertising banners on their chat room pages to earn additional revenue, or join the network to re-broadcast their live chat streams to other sites, or display streams from other sites on theirs too,” says Berkman.

Prince says tipping can be another valuable marketing tool, in that setting tip goals can be set before any model starts either speciality or niche performances.

Miricam features built-in payment processing, so models can accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards as well as pre-paid debit, with instant approval.

“It’s like having your own full-site processing account,” says Berkman. “But without the hassle. Transactions are processed instantly and details are reflected in the included control panel”.

The offer has no expiry date, and is free. There are no hosting, software or setup charges and all future updates are provided free of charge. This not only ensures the quality of model live video, but helps Miricam maintain a reputation of efficient, highest-end delivery.

Models’ video chat is viewable on all browsers, including IE, FireFox, Chrome, Edge and Safari. Miricam can also stream to most Smartphones & tablets powered by both Android or iOS users.

Beckman concludes with “Miriam is available now. I’m sure once you’ve given it a try, it will be impossible to go back to anything you’ve ever used before.”

More information about Miricam is available at www.miricam.com.


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